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Each week on The Heinemann Podcast we bring you concise, relevant and thought-provoking interviews with Heinemann authors and educators in the field. We know teachers are very busy people and it can be hard to keep up with all of your favorite authors, so, as we wrap up another school year we thought you might enjoy a recap of some recent Heinemann Podcast highlights. Enjoy!  

Colleen Cruz on The Unstoppable Writing Teacher:

Cruz_unstoppable_2642“As a profession, we are gripped by fear.” Those are the opening words from Lucy Calkins in her forward to The Unstoppable Writing Teacher by Colleen Cruz. As Lucy prepares the reader for Colleen’s words, she goes on to write:

“(Fear) is a cage that traps us, alone, into our worst selves. Into a space with demons only we can see. We become the person we dread being.”

In The Unstoppable Writing Teacher, Colleen Cruz tells us to name that fear. As a self-declared positive pessimist, Colleen guides us through building a better toolbox and helps us identify what stops us in writing instruction.

Listen to Colleen Cruz on The Heinemann Podcast here. 

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Are you interested in reading and discussing The Unstoppable Writing Teacher? Join our summer book study conversation starting July 10th, 2017 in the Unstoppable Facebook Group. You can download the Unstoppable book study guide here. We hope you'll join us and we look forward to talking about this wonderful teaching resource with you this summer!

Ralph Fletcher discusses his newest book Joy Write

Joy Write Ralph FletcherAccording to Ralph, nothing helps writers grow like practice, but not just any kind of practice will do, you’ve got to bring the joy! In his new book, Joy Write, Ralph shares the whys and the how of giving students time and autonomy for the playful, low-stakes writing that leads to surprising, high-level growth. 

Listen to Ralph Fletcher on The Heinemann Podcast here. 

Georgia Heard discusses Heart Maps:

Heart Maps by Georgia HeardHow do we get students to “ache with caring” about their writing instead of mechanically stringing words together? That is the question author Georgia Heard asks in her new book Heart Maps: Helping Students Create and Craft Authentic Writing. She says we spend a lot of time teaching the craft of writing but we also need to devote time to helping students write with purpose and meaning.

Listen to Georgia Heard on the Heinemann Podcast here. 

Harvey "Smokey" Daniels on The Curious Classroom: 

E08990_Daniels_Bookcover_9732What happens when we put our students in the driver’s seat? Harvey “Smokey” Daniels says that when we let kids be curious, they dive deep. They persist longer when they’re curious and if we can activate a student’s curiosity, they no longer need to be forced into action. So where do elementary teachers fit inquiry and curiosity into their day? How do teachers harness the power of curiosity? And how do we hand over the reins to students in a well-structured environment? 

Listen to Smokey Daniels on the Heinemann Podcast here. 

Cornelius Minor on Identifying Can't Learn and Won't Learn:

Cornelius2_images_lowres-768x1152What do you do for the student in your class who doesn't like you?  Here Cornelius Minor, a staff developer at Teachers College Reading and Writing Program,  faces the question "How do I recognize the difference is between can’t learn and won’t learn?"


Listen to Cornelius Minor on The Heinemann Podcast here. 

Lindsey Moses discusses "What Are The Rest of My Kids Doing?":  

sm_E08775_Moses and Ogden_Book Cover_MG5D7280If you are a K-2 teacher, have you ever asked: “During reading workshop, what kinds of meaningful work can students be doing independently, while I confer one-on-one or with small groups?” Lindsey Moses hears this common frustration among those who work with our youngest readers in her work with teachers around the country. That’s why Lindsey, along with First grade teacher Meridith Ogden, wrote: What are the Rest of My Kids Doing? 

Listen to Lindsey Moses on The Heinemann Podcast here. 

Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks discuss their newest book, Argument in the Real World: 

Argument in the real world_MG5D7729How can we help students think critically about the community they’re speaking to online while giving them a real voice? How do we help our students create coherent arguments through social media? Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks say it’s not just about creating a podcast or blog, it’s about building an argument.


Listen to Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks on

The Heinemann Podcast here.

Linda Rief discusses Read Write Teach: 

ReadWriteTeachLinda Rief is always teaching. She has inspired thousands to lead students on a journey to becoming lifelong readers and writers. In her book Read Write Teach, Linda offers the what, how, and why of a year’s worth of reading and writing for middle and high school students with a comprehensive and flexible framework. The title, Read Write Teach means a lot to Linda. She says it reflects how much her students teach her every day.

Listen To Linda Rief on The Heinemann Podcast here. 

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Want to hear even more? You can listen to all of The Heinemann Podcasts on our blog, here.

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Date Published: 05/26/17

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