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Dedicated to Teachers


Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 Discount

Heinemann thanks our teachers! Get 15% off the list price of Heinemann Professional Books + free shipping for Teacher Appreciation Week! Restrictions apply.  (continue reading)

Advancing our Vision: A Message from Heinemann's President

Matthew Mugo Fields reflects on the past year, and shares his vision for Heinemann in 2024.  (continue reading)

A Call for Rejecting The Newest 'Reading Wars'

Fifty-eight educators say ‘Sold a Story’ podcast series sells an incomplete story about reading instruction  (continue reading)

Where Do We Go From Here? A Vision for The Future of Heinemann

In this moment, Heinemann is moving forward in a way that reflects what has established us as a valued partner for educators—resources that are proven effective through a focus on teacher agency, student-centered learning, and engagement—while also harnessing the power of technology and bringing a modern sensibility to our work in support of teachers. We are doing this by...  (continue reading)

Lucy Calkins on The Important Truth About How to Teach Reading

Lucy Calkins recently penned an OpEd for Education Week. In the piece, she addresses the serious challenges facing education today and outlines how recent updates to the Units of Study meet those challenges head-on.   (continue reading)

Heinemann Statement in Response to APM Reports

Heinemann is aware of the APM Reports podcast series, which promotes false and divisive claims, misstates financial information and radically oversimplifies and misrepresents complex literacy issues.  (continue reading)

Get The Facts: Responding to Misinformation About Fountas and Pinnell Literacy

Recent misrepresentation of Fountas & Pinnell resources radically oversimplify complex issues to the detriment of teachers and students who benefit from their programs. This post offers provides clarity and corrects the most egregious inaccuracies.  (continue reading)

An Apology and a Path Forward

An apology from Heinemann and a path forward  (continue reading)

A Message from Matthew Mugo Fields, Heinemann's New President

Meet Heinemann's new president, Matthew Mugo Fields.  (continue reading)

Get to Know New Heinemann Authors

Learn more about NEW Heinemann authors and their new book releases on the blog.   (continue reading)

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