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Dedicated to Teachers


What Are the Benefits of Guided Reading for Students in Grades K-6?

Guided reading nurtures strong readers and plays a pivotal role in helping young learners become confident and capable readers.  (continue reading)

5 Tips for a Powerful Small-Group Reading Lesson

Small-group reading lessons have the potential to transform students into confident and skilled readers.  (continue reading)

Reading to Make a Difference: Coping with Loss

From Reading to Make a Difference chapter 3. Learn how to help students cope with loss through careful text selection and conversation.  (continue reading)

Offering Choice in the Writing Classroom

This week Kelly Boswell and Blake Williams discuss the impact of offering choice in the elementary writing classroom.  (continue reading)

Upcoming 2023-24 Events at Heinemann

Upcoming events at Heinemann for professional development and learning. To be continually updated.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Professional Books Published in 2023

A list of Heinemann professional books published in 2023.  (continue reading)

Building Student Math Identities with the Workshop Model

This week on the podcast Jennifer Lempp and Kristen Stump discuss the workshop model in the elementary math classroom.  (continue reading)

NCTE 2023: Special Discount from Heinemann

During the 2023 NCTE conference, shop for professional books from Heinemann and get a special discount plus free shipping — even if you can't be at NCTE!  (continue reading)

Flash Fiction: Fostering Agency and Connection in the Classroom

This week on the podcast, Kim Culbertson and Grant Faulkner talk about their new book.  (continue reading)

Teacher Observation as Professional Development

Teachers can gain insight into their methods by inviting and visiting peers in the classroom. Learn what to look for and good feedback methods.  (continue reading)

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