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Dedicated to Teachers


10 Principles of Artful Teaching

Rebecca Bellingham lays out ten principles for an artful approach to teaching and reading aloud to engage, connect, and create purpose.  (continue reading)

Read Aloud Podcast: Authentic Writing for Real Audiences

In her book “Every Kid a Writer” Kelly Boswell reminds us that sometimes the hardest part about teaching writing is getting students to write at all.  (continue reading)

Finding the Write Balance in the Ethics of AI

Teachers' biggest concerns with AI are the ethics. Using ChatGPT as an ally alongside student writing encourages honest and productive use of the tool.  (continue reading)

Support for English Learners with The Comprehension Toolkit

The Comprehension Toolkit supports teachers to teach content knowledge and thinking strategies to students who come from varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds and are learning English as a new language.  (continue reading)

Nurturing Teacher Well-Being: Shamari Reid's Smoothie Recipe

As a gift for Teacher Appreciation Week, watch Shamari Reid's smoothie recipe for inspiration as to one small way to care for your physical well-being.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Barry Lane

How can writing help students see they are not alone?  (continue reading)

Heinemann Launches New Edition of Units of Study in Writing for Grades 3-5

Updated Units of Study offer fully integrated solution with new digital experience to extend teacher capacity.  (continue reading)

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024 Discount

Heinemann thanks our teachers! Get 15% off the list price of Heinemann Professional Books + free shipping for Teacher Appreciation Week! Restrictions apply.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Shamari Reid

How does teaching occur at that nexus of storytelling, performance and art?  (continue reading)

Finding the Write Balance

Unpack the importance of embracing, not resisting, AI programs in the writing classroom. A 3-part series by Dennis Magliozzi and Kristina Peterson.  (continue reading)

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