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Dedicated to Teachers


The Transformative Power of Reading

This week on the podcast, Kylene Beers joins to share what's new in the second edition of When Kids Can't Read.  (continue reading)

How Do Teachers Get Better at Teaching Writing?

In our forthcoming book, How to Become a Better Writing Teacher, we focus on the question of how to help teachers become good writing teachers. .  (continue reading)

Commuter Series: Why Reading Joy Matters

Heinemann Podcast Commuter Series: Why Reading Joy Matters  (continue reading)

Audiobook: The Literacy Studio

The audiobook of The Literacy Studio: Redesigning the Workshop for Readers and Writers  (continue reading)

Literature-Based Math Practices

This week on the podcast, we talk with Sue O'Connell about literature-based math practices and her upcoming event.  (continue reading)

Jump Rope Readers: How to Use Decodable Books to Plan Small Groups

Learn to use decodable texts to plan effective small group work with this sample teaching sequence from Michael Rae-Grant.  (continue reading)

8 Big Ideas in Literacy and Their Democratic Roots

As humans we have the great gift, the great evolutionary achievement, of speech and story. It’s what we do best—and all literacy instruction needs to honor and build on that gift.  (continue reading)

Commuter Series: Making the Work in Your Class Relevant

Heinemann Podcast Commuter Series: Making the Work in Your Class Relevant  (continue reading)

Energizing Educators for the Year Ahead with The Joyful Teacher

This week on the podcast, Berit Gordon talks with a district-level instructional coach about using The Joyful Teacher to energize educators at the start of the year with individualized, manageable goals.  (continue reading)

The Power of Relevance: Engaging Students in Reading Through Personal Connections

As educators, we all want our students to have the skills and insights needed to navigate the world outside of their classroom. In this mission, the significance of relevance in reading cannot be understated.  (continue reading)

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