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How Do We Teach Social Skills in the K–5 Classroom?

Social skills have to be learned, not just enforced. Try one (or all) of these suggestions.  (continue reading)

How Can We Design Classroom Space to Maximize Student Learning?

Learn how to design classroom spaces that motivate students to engage with learning in ways that help them accomplish their content, language, and behavior goals.  (continue reading)

How Digital Storytelling Can Help Build Essential Human Skills

For students to imagine and then drive toward their possible selves in a culture of omnipresent change, they need this toolkit of human skills.  (continue reading)

The Planning Wheel: A Tool to Integrate Reading and Writing

An easy and practical tool that will help teachers prioritize student’s work time. Download a free copy of the planning wheel from The Literacy Studio by Ellin Oliver Keene.  (continue reading)

Four Steps to Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing

When you use mentor texts in your teaching, you have at your fingertips concrete examples of craft techniques and conventions to refer to during your mini-lessons, small group lessons and writing conferences.  (continue reading)

Super Powers: A Favorite Unit Gets an Update

The updated unit places kindergartners in a superhero-themed learning environment that makes them heroes-in-training.  (continue reading)

Kid Watching Tips to Guide Your Teaching

A strong sense of child development, a good curriculum, and careful kid watching are the tools any teacher can develop to tap into responsive and flexible teaching.  (continue reading)

Get The Facts: Responding to Misinformation About Fountas and Pinnell Literacy

Recent misrepresentation of Fountas & Pinnell resources radically oversimplify complex issues to the detriment of teachers and students who benefit from their programs. This post offers provides clarity and corrects the most egregious inaccuracies.  (continue reading)

Begin the Day with Soft Starts (Try It with Students!)

Give students a range of soft start choices to choose their own path into the school day.  (continue reading)

Launching First Grade Students on an Early Literacy Adventure

An updated Grade 1 Unit of Study (UoS) offers a potent new remedy for students who struggle with early literacy skills.  (continue reading)

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