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Dedicated to Teachers


Fostering Community Through Collaborative Projects

Collaborative writing projects can encourage students to work together and share ideas while developing their skills. Learn more from Georgia Heard.  (continue reading)

Celebratory Book Launch Event: Awakening the Heart 2e

Join Georgia Heard, Naomi Shihab Nye, and guests in a live virtual interview hosted by Zoë Ryder White in celebration of Awakening the Heart 2e.  (continue reading)

Where To Find Poetry: A Reading by Georgia Heard

Watch a video of Georgia Heard reading Where to Find Poetry from Awakening the Heart 2nd edition, released on March 19, 2024.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Engaging Students and Building Community with Poetry

Georgia Heard explores the power of poetry to nurture student relationships and build community.  (continue reading)

Closely Reading a Poem Over Multiple Days

From Awakening the Heart 2/e, explore how to guide students through closely reading a poem over a week.  (continue reading)

Seeded Heart Poems of Hope

An activity with heart shaped paper, seeded with wildflowers, for writing poems of hope.  (continue reading)

Students Need Poetry Now More than Ever

Georgia Heard outlines changes in the new edition of Awakening the Heart, and to think of ways to infuse poetry into the classroom.  (continue reading)

Teaching Poetry Today

This week on the podcast, Georgia Heard talks about teaching poetry today.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Professional Books Publishing in 2024

The list of forthcoming Heinemann professional books in 2024.  (continue reading)

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