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Dedicated to Teachers


What is Complete Comprehension? Part III: Teach

Here, you’ll find Jen's answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the teaching phase of Complete Comprehension.  (continue reading)

Teaching is Heart Work

If someone tells you teaching is easy, they probably don't really know teaching.  (continue reading)

A Peek at A Novel Approach Videos: Mini Lesson, Conferring, and Read Aloud with Kate Roberts

Here, Kate Roberts shares just a few extended classroom clips from her book, A Novel Approach. In this blog, you'll get a chance to watch Kate confer with two different students, and see how Kate structures a mini-less and read aloud.  (continue reading)

Planning for Growth in Teaching

There is no perfect way to live as a skilled teacher, but there are some strategies that will support you as you evolve- no matter where you are along your teaching journey.  (continue reading)

Battling The Blahs Part 3: When Silence is Serious

If you, like me, suffer from bouts of the Blahs, I encourage you to develop your own plan too. To take care of our students, to do our part in ensuring Leticia and other young people like her don’t fall into the Abyss, we must first stay clear of it ourselves.  (continue reading)

Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle: Reimagining the Possibilities of Teaching

In this video, Kelly Gallagher and Penny Kittle speak to the intentions behind the book, and their hopes for helping educators develop their unique teaching methods.  (continue reading)

Sara Ahmed on Being the Change

How do we create learning conditions where kids can ask the questions they want to ask and have tough conversations? Author Sara Ahmed says it begins with discomfort and not trying to save the moment.  (continue reading)

128 Reasons to Love The New Heinemann Catalog

128 Reasons to Love The New Heinemann Catalog  (continue reading)

5 Ways to Use Liberation Literacies in Your Classroom: Practical Strategies

5 Ways to Use Liberation Literacies in Your Classroom: Practical Strategies  (continue reading)

Colleen Cruz: Show Your Thinking

Colleen Cruz: Show Your Thinking  (continue reading)

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