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Dedicated to Teachers


Conflict and Consensus: Leading with Student Inquiry

In this final episode of Conflict and Consensus, Pablo Wolfe is joined by Hillary Usher, a Montessori educator in South Carolina.  (continue reading)

Conflict and Consensus: From Debate to Deliberation

Today we are pleased to present part two of Conflict and Consensus, a three-part conversation led by author and educator Pablo Wolfe.  (continue reading)

Conflict and Consensus: What Does Civics Look Like in the Classroom?

Listen to part one of Conflict and Consensus, a three-part conversation about the role of civics in the classroom.  (continue reading)

Strategies for Teaching Writing Effectively

Carl and Matt explore what makes a strong writing teacher, and what we can glean from the writing process.  (continue reading)

Teaching Literacy Outdoors

This week we’re joined by Valerie Bang-Jensen and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater as they talk about Valerie’s new book Literacy Moves Outdoors!  (continue reading)

An Introduction to Interactive Writing

Learn about modeling learning through instruction, tips for integrating interactive writing strategies throughout the day, and honoring students’ processes.  (continue reading)

The Transformative Power of Reading

This week on the podcast, Kylene Beers joins to share what's new in the second edition of When Kids Can't Read.  (continue reading)

Reading Responses for Critical Thinking

Marilyn Pryle and Rebekah O’Dell explain how reading responses can be an effective tool for helping students to engage meaningfully with a text.  (continue reading)

Strengths-Focused Education for Neurodiverse Students: A Conversation Between Rebecca Matte and Mark DiPietro 

Rebecca Matte and Mark DePietro talk about the importance of moving away from deficit thinking, and how you can incorporate strengths-based perspectives into your classroom.  (continue reading)

Developing Skilled Readers with The Reading Strategies Book 2.0

Jennifer Serravallo joins the Heinemann Podcast to detail the brand new Reading Strategies Book 2.0 and share her thinking that went into this new edition.  (continue reading)

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