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Dedicated to Teachers


Maintaining Motivation To Teach

The more that you strive to bring these three factors under your control, the more likely you are to have the strong internal motivation that you need to drive your work.  (continue reading)

How Principals Can Help Teachers, and Entire Schools, Build Energy

Principals can help teachers build energy, and there are many ways they can do this. Don Graves once visited a school where  (continue reading)

On Teacher Burnout, Martyrs, and Hollywood

Teacher burnout is a growing concern in education. We are being asked to do more than have in the past with fewer resources than we need.  (continue reading)

Shifting Focus Back to Students

What do you do when you find yourself worrying about a lesson and what the students might think of you if the lesson doesn't land? --Making the Journey  (continue reading)

Learning to Thrive In Tough Times

Discover your own power to thrive, find meaning, solve complex problems, and make meaningful connections that inspire you every day.  (continue reading)

Valuing First-Year Teachers

First-year teachers will need to consider making contact with other teachers, especially beginners. Simply saying, “How’s it going?” goes a long way.  (continue reading)

Mindset and Understanding How The Brain Does What it Does

In A Mindset for Learning, authors Kristi and Christine show how together, students and teachers can create classrooms of risk and resilience.  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Take Charge of your Teaching Evaluation with Jennifer Ansbach

Today on the podcast, Jennifer Ansbach talks her about her book Take Charge of your Teaching Evaluation  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Embarrassment And the Emotional Underlife of Learning Podcast with Tom Newkirk

Today on the podcast, Tom Newkirk talks about his new book, Embarrassment And the Emotional Underlife of Learning  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: No More Telling as Teaching with Cris Tovani

Today on the podcast, Cris Tovani talks about her new book No More Telling as Teaching  (continue reading)

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