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Dedicated to Teachers


Kid Watching Tips to Guide Your Teaching

A strong sense of child development, a good curriculum, and careful kid watching are the tools any teacher can develop to tap into responsive and flexible teaching.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Embrace Discomfort, Align Practices

Think about aligning beliefs and practices not within the classroom, but in your personal life.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Planning for Community, Not Compliance

Welcome back to the PLC Series for the 2018-19 school year!  (continue reading)

Planning for Growth in Teaching

There is no perfect way to live as a skilled teacher, but there are some strategies that will support you as you evolve- no matter where you are along your teaching journey.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Challenge Belief Systems, Align Practices

This PLC series, we're examining what it means to support a positive school culture with inclusive learning and growth opportunities.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Making Shifts in Our Inner Voices

Understand mindsets and practices that support positive school culture where whole-person learning and growth are honored for teachers and students alike.  (continue reading)

How to (Re)Integrate Your Beliefs Into Your Curriculum

What were your hopes and dreams before school started? Have they gotten buried? Let’s dust them off and bring them back!!  (continue reading)

Mindset and Understanding How The Brain Does What it Does

In A Mindset for Learning, authors Kristi and Christine show how together, students and teachers can create classrooms of risk and resilience.  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: A Mindset for Learning

Authors Kristi Mraz and Christine Hertz want to change how we look at our classrooms. They say we need to think beyond the idea of 'good in school.'  (continue reading)

The 5 Habits of Mind Children Need for Success

The 5 Habits of Mind Children Need for Success  (continue reading)

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