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Dedicated to Teachers


Beyond Literary Analysis: How to Use This Book

This book is for teachers who want to revive the art of analytical writing in their classrooms—from teachers of middle-grade writers who are making their first foray into analytical writing to teachers of experienced twelfth-grade writers who are looking ahead to college where their professors will expect much, much more.  (continue reading)

What Does Analysis Look Like in the Real World?

In this video, Allison & Rebekah explain how they've shied away from the bread and butter literary analysis approach, and instead push their students to write with passion and authority about topics they care about, effectively bringing their whole selves to their writing.  (continue reading)

Classroom Routines to Deepen Passion

Even the most disengaged student is passionate about something, and we can leverage that passion to help nurture their writing life.  (continue reading)

The Birth of Beyond Literary Analysis

Allison Marchetti & Rebekah O'Dell firmly believe that analysis is everywhere, and your students can write it.  (continue reading)

Redefining What Analysis Can Mean For Your Students

By introducing a new definition of text, usher out the dreaded five-paragraph essay and introduce something entirely different that students will want to write.  (continue reading)

Beyond Literary Analysis Podcast

If you’re tired of boring literary analysis assignments, Beyond Literary Analysis, show how students can write authentic arguments based on their own interests.  (continue reading)

Book Talk: Beyond Literary Analysis

Out of the dark tunnel of boring literary analysis assignments, they lead you into a world where students learn to write fresh, compelling, authentic arguments based on their own unique interests.  (continue reading)

Where to Find Mentor Texts

Where to Find Mentor Texts  (continue reading)

What Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O’Dell Mean to Me

What Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O’Dell Mean to Me  (continue reading)

Mentor Texts For All Phases Of Writing

This excerpt from Writing with Mentors details the necessity of using mentor texts throughout every phase of the writing process.  (continue reading)

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