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Dedicated to Teachers


ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Shamari Reid

How does teaching occur at that nexus of storytelling, performance and art?  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Willeena Booker

Join host Liz Prather and guest Willeena Booker as they explore the transformative potential of writing as a tool for healing and social justice.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Meaningful Experiences for the Secondary Multilingual Learner

Heinemann author Andrea Honigsfeld discusses her new book.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Willie Carver

Wille Carver and Liz Prather explore how sharing personal narratives can pave the path to healing and advocacy.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: The Power of Teaching History Thematically

China Harvey and Lisa Herzig discuss their new book, Teaching Beyond the Timeline.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with David Rockower

David Rockower and Liz Prather discuss how students explore what matters to them through writing.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Writing as Healing with Stacey Joy

Stacey Joy and Liz Prather discuss the transformative power of using writing to reflect and rediscover joy in teaching.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Centering Love, Justice and Liberation in Schools with Shamari Reid

Shamari Reid discusses his new book, Humans Who Teach.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: The Dispatch with Katie Kelly and Lester Laminack

Katie Kelly and Lester Laminack discuss the evolving landscape of education.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Engaging Students and Building Community with Poetry

Georgia Heard explores the power of poetry to nurture student relationships and build community.  (continue reading)

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