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Dedicated to Teachers

PLC Series: Delicate Moments

Welcome to the Heinemann PD Professional Learning Community Series! This month, we learn how to open discussions about sensitive topics, and hopefully help bend our world toward social justice.​

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“Initially, the good intentions of “the well-meaning white person” permeated my teaching (Wolf, 1995). But it was not until I entered a classroom as an educational researcher that I was forced to reassess my own political and educational impulses.” – Amy Bauman                                                                                        

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With the best intentions of helping students build a sense of self in a complex world, long-time educator Amy Bauman, discovered that she had fallen into her own “fable” of being a part of a solution. In her vulnerable and reflective Heinemann Digital Library article, available for download below, she tells her story of awakened parenting moments, failed attempts at conversations with kids, and the transformation in her thinking from her work with eighth graders in the South.

As you make time to read this article, note your own thinking, questions, and connections to ignite not only self-reflection but to initiate conversations with others as well. 


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Looking for more PD?

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***Join the November book study (in the Heinemann PD Teaching & Learning Facebook group) centered on Smokey Daniels’ and Sara Ahmed’s book Upstanders.***

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Amy Bauman is a clinical social worker specializing in adolescent and trauma care in New York City. She holds a Masters of Education, a Ph.D in the Social Foundations of Education, and a Masters of Social Work. In addition to her professional experience as a social worker, Amy has spent eight years teaching at both the primary and secondary levels. She has authored and co-authored multiple publications in professional journals and edited volumes including “Cracks in the Armor: The Unspoken Lives of White Privilege” in Postcritical Ethnography: Reinscribing Critique, and “Music Matters: Asking Questions, Fostering Agency, and Building Community in Arts-Based Educational Programming” in the Journal of Thought.


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