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Dedicated to Teachers


Summer 2024 Teacher Workshops at Heinemann

This summer, we're bringing you professional development workshops on writing instruction, engaging readers, math workshop, self-care, AI, and beyond.  (continue reading)

Writing Instruction Considerations

In this action-based post, Carl and Matt help you think about how to evaluate an instructional approach to writing. Downloadable PDF included.  (continue reading)

Explore Heinemann's YouTube Channel!

Subscribe to Heinemann's YouTube Channel for videos from authors, book talks, and more.  (continue reading)

Advancing our Vision: A Message from Heinemann's President

Matthew Mugo Fields reflects on the past year, and shares his vision for Heinemann in 2024.  (continue reading)

Math in Practice Coaching Resource: Ideas for Supporting Teachers

Each book in Math in Practice has features that support the role of the Math Coach. Highlighted are tips and strategies for easy reference.  (continue reading)

A Great Summer School Fit: Math in Practice

A Great Summer School Fit: Math in Practice and Math by the Book  (continue reading)

'A Handbook with a Heart': What's New in When Kids Can't Read

Kylene Beers delivers a new edition of When Kids Can't Read, a practical and impactful guidebook for teachers that meets the critical needs of students.  (continue reading)

Teacher Observation as Professional Development

Teachers can gain insight into their methods by inviting and visiting peers in the classroom. Learn what to look for and good feedback methods.  (continue reading)

Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Reading Intervention Program

Discover the key components of an effective reading intervention program to help your struggling students excel in their literacy skills.  (continue reading)

The Joyful Teacher: Framework for an (Almost) No Read Book Club

Practical Strategies for More Joy and Less Struggle Next Year  (continue reading)

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