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A Great Summer School Fit: Math in Practice

A Great Fit for Summer School: Math in PracticeWhat makes an effective summer school math program? With limited time for instruction, it is critical that the focus be on priority standards and developed around the needs of the learners. Additionally, the program must provide students the opportunity to explore the content in unique and engaging ways with tasks that are different from those they experienced during the school year. A generic program is unlikely to meet all of these needs.

How Math in Practice Meets the Needs of Summer School

What if there was a menu of tasks, all correlated to critical math skills and concepts, from which teachers could select hands-on and interactive lessons that focus on a deep understanding of the math concepts?

The authors of Math in Practice are all master teachers and math coaches. They designed every component of the resource to be flexible and helpful, keeping the varying needs of teachers and students in mind—and making it a perfect resource to support a summer school program.

Download the Planning for Summer School Guide

Because Math in Practice is a standards-based resource, it can be tailored to fit the needs of any summer school program—specific modules can be selected from each grade-level book to focus on the precise needs of students.

Will you have students that need a reintroduction to fractions?
See a variety of engaging tasks in grade 3, module 8: “Understanding Fractions and Fraction Notation”

Are there students you expect to need more practice with decimals?
Find hands-on and interactive tasks in grade 5, module 6: “Multiplying and Dividing Decimals”

No matter what skill or concept you’re aiming to address during your summer school program, you’ll find a corresponding Math in Practice module to support your work.

And equally important, Math in Practice supports summer school teachers who may be teaching at a grade level that is different from their usual teaching assignment by providing sections in each module that explain the math standard and share examples of ways to  develop understanding. This is particularly important if summer school programs are taught by inexperienced or new teachers or paraprofessionals.

Math by the Book: Connecting Math and Children's LiteratureFor additional engaging summer school options, see Math by the Book, which is filled with engaging math investigations and explorations that begin with a read aloud to provide context to the math skill. These lessons are perfect supplements to the Math in Practice resource and provide even more options for engaging and effective summer school experiences.

Download a guide for planning summer programs using Math in Practice and/or Math by the Book.

To hear more about using these resources in summer programs, watch this free webinar, "Enhancing Your K-5 Math Summer Program: Boost Engagement and Target Critical Skills for Student Success," presented by author Sue O'Connell.

Looking for an opportunity to grow your PLC network? Visit the Math in Practice Facebook group to connect with other elementary teachers and many of the Math in Practice authors.

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Date Published: 01/19/24

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