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PLC Series: Conversations to Support Writing

Welcome to the Heinemann PD Professional Learning Community Series. This month we look closely at creating opportunities for ourselves and our students to consider the power of the reading-writing connection.

The first text many students will read is their own. Capitalizing on instructional opportunities for literacy growth through the powerful reading-writing connection is often missed in our segmented school days. Regie Routman believes strongly in supporting students’ understanding and use of this connection as they build their skills.

In this clip from her new On-Demand single session course, Regie models the way she uses scaffolded conversations to capture the student’s language, helping emerging writers to express their ideas and maintain the authenticity of their voice as they prepare to write. 

Her new single session On-Demand course investigates this reading-writing connection, creating a path of stepping stones from read aloud to shared writing, shared reading, independent writing, to independent reading of one’s own text. 


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Online:  Take a look at all of our On-Demand Courses, including Regie Routman's mini-course and new single session course by clicking here!

Off-Site: There are still a few spaces left in our remaining One-Day Workshops this spring with Smokey Daniels, Lucy Calkins, and more! Find out more here.

On-Site: Regie Routman's Transforming our Teaching series is designed to be a virtual companion for schools seeking to embed ongoing school-wide professional development. Each of the three programs in the series includes more than a full year of professional development sessions—14 in all—that works with and augments any existing curriculum and resources. Learn more here!

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Regie Routman’s (@regieroutman) intimate knowledge of teaching and learning, down-to-earth style, and dedication to all children’s learning success make her one of the most vibrant and respected names in literacy education. Her books, Teaching Essentials; Writing Essentials; Reading Essentials; Conversations; Literacy at the Crossroads; Invitations; The Blue Pages; Transitions; and her set of Transforming Our Teaching Professional Development Notebooks, all published by Heinemann, have encouraged hundreds of thousands of teachers and leaders to take charge of their professional learning and create effective, joyful practices. Currently, she is dedicating herself to a new, dynamic framework to support principals, teachers, and coaches to apply expert reading and writing practices to the classroom. The video-based Regie Routman in Residence supports in-depth, yearlong literacy staff development that replicates the demonstration teaching, assessing, and coaching she conducts in weeklong residencies and brings to life the practices she advocates in Teaching Essentials. Regie continues to inform and inspire teachers and principals as a mentor teacher, leader, and coach in diverse schools across the U.S and Canada, as a speaker at state and national conferences, and as an online and on-site PD consultant.

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