How Steph and Smokey Help You Make Inquiry Work


In the new and revised edition of Comprehension and Collaboration, Stephanie Harvey and Harvey "Smokey" Daniels share inquiry units of increasing richness with all the teaching and planning resources you need.

In today's blog, Steph presents a brief overview of the book's structure, and explains the role of teachers in inquiry projects:

The Teacher's Roles in Inquiry

We know that adopting the inquiry approach means dropping some familiar teacher roles—lecturer, font of all wisdom, center of attention—for at least parts of the day. How do we remain active and supportive while giving real responsibility and control to our students?

In inquiry circles, the teacher:

  • Exemplifies and celebrates curiosity, which is at the heart of inquiry-based learning
  • Models his/her own inquiry process from start to finish
  • Encourages authentic questions
  • Offers lessons in comprehension, collaboration, and inquiry
  • Shares examples of how inquiry happens in the real world
  • Stays alert to inquiry circle topics and searches for relevant texts and resources
  • Keeps the curriculum in mind and connects it to group inquiry
  • Helps students locate, organize, and use resources
  • Monitors group and individual work plans and schedules
  • Regularly meets and confers with groups about their progress
  • Observes groups at work and gives feedback to students
  • Acts as a coach or referee depending on the circumstances
  • Supports kids in taking action beyond the classroom
  • Responds to and assesses individual and group work

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Comprehension and Collaboration, Revised Edition ships in late June. Get pre-publication savings with coupon code CANDC2.

Stephanie Harvey has spent her career teaching and learning about reading and writing. Harvey "Smokey" Daniels has been a city and suburban classroom teacher and a college professor, and now works as a national consultant and author on literacy education.

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