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Dedicated to Teachers

Summer Professional Learning with Heinemann

If you are hoping to spend a few days in professional learning this summer to inspire and equip you for the coming year, we have a full schedule for you to choose from!  (continue reading)

Fall 90-Minute Minis!

Our new 90-minute mini-workshop format has been one of the highlights of the year for us at Heinemann PD. The necessary thinking from author-presenters, accessible price, shorter screen time commitment...  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: The Freedom of Genre Choice with Matt Glover and Carl Anderson

Today on the podcast we have a special conversation hosted by author Carl Anderson with his longtime friend and colleague, author Matt Glover.  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Craft and Process Studies with Matt Glover and Katie Wood Ray

Today on the podcast, author and editor Katie Wood Ray sits down with Matt Glover to discuss his latest book Craft and Process Studies: Units that Provide Writers with Choice of Genre.  (continue reading)

Elevating Craft and Process Studies

To support children in becoming strong, confident writers, we need to engage them in different types of meaningful studies within and across grade levels.  (continue reading)

The Importance of Working Within a Unit of Study

When students are provided opportunities to pursue writing in genres of their choice their engagement increases, which is a baseline requirement for a successful and joyful writing life.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: April Round-Up

PLC Series: April Round-Up  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Building a Reading Identity

PLC Series: Building a Reading Identity  (continue reading)

The Big 5: Vicki Vinton on the Books That Pushed and Influenced Her Teaching Practice

The Big 5: Vicki Vinton on the Books That Pushed and Influenced Her Teaching Practice  (continue reading)

PLC Series: January Round-Up

PLC Series: January Round-Up  (continue reading)

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