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Supporting Multilingual Learners' Journey of Language and Literacy

With the newly release Growing Language and Literacy, Grades 6-12, Andrea Honigsfeld outlines how this text is a must-have for all teachers with multilingual learners.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Meaningful Experiences for the Secondary Multilingual Learner

Heinemann author Andrea Honigsfeld discusses her new book.  (continue reading)

An Anchor Text for Teachers: Growing Language and Literacy, 6-12

Growing Language and Literacy, 6-12 is now available! Watch Andrea Honigsfeld discuss how this can be a go-to text for any teacher.  (continue reading)

Upcoming 2024 Events at Heinemann

Upcoming events at Heinemann for professional development and learning. To be continuously updated.  (continue reading)

Engaging Adolescent Multilingual Learners

Explore reasons that developing level multilingual adolescent learners may be disengaged, and ways to reengage them.  (continue reading)

Social-Emotional Support for Newcomer Multilingual Learners

An introduction to social-emotional support for multilingual learners from Andrea Honigsfeld.  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Growing Language & Literacy

Strategies for english learners.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Professional Books Publishing in 2024

The list of forthcoming Heinemann professional books in 2024.  (continue reading)

How to Spot Growth in your Bridging Level English Learners

ELs who have reached the Bridging level of language proficiency continue to represent a range of language and literacy skills across the four domains.  (continue reading)

Who Are Your Developing Level Language Students?

Developing level students can gain a solid understanding of what is presented in class, participate fully, and maintain interest in challenging content.  (continue reading)

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