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PLC Series: September Round-Up

PD PLC_Email_Banner_640x220_White_FIN.jpgWelcome back to the Heinemann PD Professional Learning Community Series! This month we celebrate new beginnings for teachers and learners across the country.

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Here is your Heinemann PD PLC Series Round-Up for September! This month Heinemann PD reignited the Professional Learning Series to spark conversations around themed content. Scroll through the links below for a recap of shared videos and downloads, PD opportunities, and links related to this month’s blog series.

This month began a 3-part webinar series with Patricia Vitale-Reilly and Lisa Eickholdt on Writing Workshop Essentials: Environment, Structures and Lessons.  Enjoy the archived Tweets from Session #1 available below!


New Beginnings for Writers

Author and educator Lisa Eickholdt nudges us to think carefully about how we initially respond to student writing. It is so easy to see errors, messy handwriting, and misspellings that we often miss the beauty and potential that lies beneath.

Click through to view her webinar clip and read the full post.


Lindsey Moses is in the midst of her 4-part webinar series Supporting English Learners in the Reading WorkshopAdditionally, she is offering three off-site workshops scheduled in CA and AZ! 

Click through to find out about all of the off site, one-day workshops with our authors this fall!


Building Community by Focusing on the Whole Child

"A principal and proud graduate of Baltimore Public Schools, Katrina Foster knows the labels and limitations that direct attention to the adversity in a community. Drawing a beautiful parallel between her work and the Tupac Shakur poem, “The Rose That Grew From Concrete,” she describes the work her school staff does, which puts conversations, support, and the human story at the center of what they do." ​

Click through to read the full post and downloadable article by Katrina Foster.


Heinemann PD joined forces with Chris Lehman and The Educator Collaborative colleagues for a 4-part webinar series called Classroom Essentials for Right Now: Resources and Conversations to Start the Year Strong​. You can still join us in-progress.

Click through to read the accompanying blog series written by Chris Lehman and contributing Educator Collaborative colleagues.


The Best of Both Worlds: Honoring Student Voice While Also Covering the Curriculum in a Literacy Classroom by Heinemann Fellow Emeritus Jessica Lifshitz

"This year, my school district has made a commitment to try to move ourselves towards Ellin Keene’s vision of a Literacy Studio. The idea behind Literacy Studio, as I understand it, is that we provide a more connected way of teaching and learning when it comes to reading and writing. Instead of teaching each of the two subjects in isolation, we look for ways to make the connection between the two more obvious for our students..."

Read the whole post and don't forget to check out the list of school based seminars available with authors such as Ellin Keene and many more!


Wisdom from Regie Routman: The Importance of Informal Reading Conferences

"Laying the foundation of trust and choice among all learners in the classroom cannot be rushed. The practice of modeling and supporting book choice, goal setting, and independent reading behaviors are imperative to the success of your readers."


Click through to view a video clip of Regie Routman modeling the opportunities for an informal reading conference with a student. 



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Date Published: 09/26/16

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