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Heinemann Professional Books about Social-Emotional Learning

A list of Heinemann professional books about social-emotional learning.  (continue reading)

Learning from Loss - The Audiobook!

Heinemann is pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing line of audiobooks, Learning from Loss: A Trauma-Informed Approach to Supporting Grieving Students by Brittany R. Collins.  (continue reading)

How to Support Grieving Students During the Holidays

Teachers hold the power to change the trajectory of a grieving student’s life, and our gestures of support need not be large in order to make an impact.  (continue reading)

Help Kids Learn About the Impact Stress has on Their Brains and Bodies with this Brain Building Activity

Give students the tools and language to help them understand what they are feeling and why in times of grief and trauma.  (continue reading)

What Should I Do? How Can I Help?

There are steps and actionable practices we can take to tailor a grief-responsive approach for our students, our school community, and ourselves.  (continue reading)

Cultivating a Growth Mindset When Working with Grieving Students

How might a growth mindset guide us in grief work at school, especially when we are experiencing vicarious trauma or grief? A blog post from Brittany Collins.  (continue reading)

Heinemann Virtual Consulting Authors

Meet a few more of our Heinemann virtual consulting authors and invite to your school to expand your professional development.  (continue reading)

Podcast: Embracing Grief in the Classroom with Brittany R. Collins and Marlee Bunch

Addressing grief in the classroom can be challenging, but educators play a special role in helping students move through difficult life events.  (continue reading)

Learning from Loss: An Introduction

When a student loses a parent, or a faculty loses a colleague, or a trauma occurs too close to home, what should we do? What should we say?  (continue reading)

Strategies to Support Grieving Students by Brittany Collins

Having a set of strategies to turn to when confronting loss at school helps us stay grounded and tuned-in, better serving students and ourselves.  (continue reading)

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