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Announcing the TCRWP Summer 2016 Twitter Chat Schedule


Every Wednesday night at 7:30 EST, educators and thought leaders from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project host a Twitter chat. These chats proved so popular that TCRWP has committed to an entire summer of online professional development across a variety of topics, including: supporting English Language Learners in the writing workshop, understanding reading development in early childhood, planning classroom libraries, and much more. Be sure to follow TCRWP on Twitter @TCRWP and search the hashtag #TCRWP. Full schedule below.


1st. Digital Literacy Can Enhance and Amplify Units of Study in Reading and Writing

Hosts: Amanda Hartman (@amandalah) and Kristin Ziemke (@kristinziemke)

8th. Ways to Support ELLs in Reading & Writing Workshop

Hosts: Marie Mounteer (@mcmounteer) and Jennifer DeSutter (@jendesutter)

15th. Best Read Alouds & Key Tips to Developing a Year-Long Curriculum in Reading

Hosts: Celena Larkey (@celenula) and Brooke Geller (@brooke_geller)

22nd. June Writing Institute Chat: Writing Workshop Essentials

Host: Katie Wears (@wearskm)

29th. June Reading Institute Chat: Reading Workshop Essentials

Host: Katie Clements (@clemenkat)


6th. Understanding Reading Development in Early Childhood: Chapter 4 in the K-2 Guidebook

Hosts: Rebecca Cronin (@rebeccacronin2) and Natalie Louis (@natalielouis13)

13th. Reflect, Revise, Innovate, Invent: Authoring a New Chapter in Our Teaching and Learning Lives

Host: Ryan Scala (@rscalateach)

20th. Tips & Suggestions to Help All Our Students Access Complex Nonfiction Texts

Hosts: Katie Clements (@clemenkat) and Alissa Levy (@missalissanyc)

27th. What Are the BEST Books? Planning Your Libraries, Your Units, and Other Ways To Bring Great Books to Your Students

Host: Shana Frazin (@sfrazintcrwp)


3rd. August Writing Institute Chat

Host: Rebecca Cronin (@rebeccacronin2)

10th. Teaching Students to Write About Topics of Personal Expertise: New Units of Study in Writing

Hosts: Jennifer DeSutter (@jendesutter) and Valerie Geschwind (@valgeschwind)

17th. Get Tech Savvy: What You Can Do Now To Prepare for a Strong Year Ahead

Host: Cornelius Minor (@misterminor)

24th. Tips in Designing And Setting Up Your Classroom to Support Independence

Host: Alyssa Newman (@alyssalnewman)

31st. Let's Talk Assessments: A Book Study of Reading Pathways

Host: Mike Ochs (@readwritemike)

Chat with educators from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. EST. Search and tag #TCRWP and follow @TCRWP.

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