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Online PLC: Crafting Web Texts


This month we will be featuring content to explore the question, “How do we create cultures of learning that embrace and provide opportunities for exploring a wide range of literacies in the 21st century?”

“The old adage of ‘reading like a writer, and writing for the reader’ takes on a new twist. Web-based texts require a number of skills from digital writers, including a clear attention to organization and aesthetics, as well as making good decisions about how to present one’s own content.” —Troy Hicks

"Crafting Web Texts," chapter three of Troy Hicks's book Crafting Digital Writing (available in the Heinemann Digital Library) elaborates on ideas that address both the “medium and the message” for digital writing. Troy also speaks to us as writers and teachers of writing, drawing parallels and pinpointing differences between print-based and web-based texts.

Whether you have ideas for narrative, information, or argument genres, this chapter assists you with considering all phases of the writing process. While this chapter may be in print, it models the use of interactive elements such as QR codes to link the reader to student examples, wikis and digital resources, in addition to the numerous screenshots and tables to visually enhance his own message.

After you read this chapter, please join the conversation here on the blog or social media: How do you and your students embrace the possibilities of digital writing in your school? What successes and challenges have you enjoyed along the way?


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Topics: Crafting Digital Writing, Education, PLC Series, Troy Hicks, Digital Campus, Professional Development

Date Published: 03/21/16

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