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Moving Math Facts Beyond Memory


On October 13, Heinemann author Sue O'Connell hosted Elementary Math Chat (#ElemMathChat) on Twitter. The focus of the conversation was on helping students move math facts beyond memorization only. Some of the questions discussed were:

  • What criteria do you look for when choosing activities to promote math fact fluency?
  • How can you help students see the link between facts like 9 x 2 and 2 x 9?
  • What is the benefit of exploring math facts through real contexts?

Below is the full Storify of the chat.

Learn more about Math in Practice, the new grade-by-grade professional learning resource from Sue O'Connell and colleagues, or visit the Math in Practice Facebook group for opportunities to learn from other elementary teachers about teaching math more effectively.



Topics: Elementary Math Chat, Math in Practice, Mathematics, Sue O'Connell, Twitter Chat, Mastering the Basic Math Facts, Math, Twitter

Date Published: 10/14/16

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