The Importance of Choosing the Right Book: Lucy Calkins Discusses the Classroom Libraries

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Lucy Calkins recently sat down to discuss the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project’s groundbreaking Classroom Libraries for grades K-8. Throughout this three-blog series, Lucy answers your most frequently asked questions about the TCRWP Classroom Libraries. In the following video Lucy talks about "What Inspired the TCRWP Classroom Libraries project?"  where she asserts that she and her TCRWP colleagues began the project with the conviction that,  “the particular book matters.” In other words, children are drawn to read more when they are enjoying the particular book they’re reading.

Lucy references how the Harry Potter series, irresistible to legions of children, set young readers on track to become lifelong learners and avid readers. Like so many teachers, Lucy is passionate about inspiring such reactions in children and understands the struggles teachers face to acquire the multitude of high-quality books necessary to create high engagement. The classroom libraries project arose from this need—to provide teachers with carefully curated, irresistible classroom libraries capable of transforming kids into skilled, eager readers. Watch the video below to hear more about the inspiration behind the classroom libraries.


But how was this monumental undertaking achieved? Watch the following videos to learn more about the curration of these book collections.   



Be sure to check back next week when we’ll take an even deeper look at the selection process behind the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project Classroom Libraries

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To learn more about the TCRWP Classroom Libraries, browse representative titles, and order shelves, visit

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To view additional TCRWP Classroom Libraries FAQs videos, click here.

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3 thoughts on “The Importance of Choosing the Right Book: Lucy Calkins Discusses the Classroom Libraries

  1. Anne Yeojin Hong

    To choose a book……

    Kids' guided reading level 

    plus challenge

    plus interests

    plus related to topics and composition of language arts they learned

    plus correlation with other texts they've already read or they will read

    plus quality of the texts ( genres, text features, style, font, vocabulary, author's view, complexity….) 

    Hope Korea has a educational spectrum of reading-writing development and

    kids read and enjoy books in the library…


  2. Bree's Book Bus

    Finding that just "right" book for each child means not only having lots of quality books to choose from, it also means that teachers must be avid readers themselves. Otherwise how will we know which one (or two or three) to suggest? 🐶

  3. Karen Faircloth

    Lucy, thank you SO much for speaking to (and acting upon) the importance of getting "the right book" into each child's hands… especially our most reluctant readers! 


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