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Facebook Live Series with Colleen Cruz: Risk. Fail. Rise.

My Post (1)We all make mistakes, but it's what we do in response to them that makes the difference. Author Colleen Cruz's book Risk. Fail. Rise. A Teacher's Guide to Learning from Mistakes is all about just that. Handling mistakes well and actively learning from them is important not only for our own growth, but for the growth of our students as well. When they see teacher's modeling a mistake-welcoming mindset, they will feel empowered to take risks. 

Download a Sample Chapter of Risk. Fail. Rise.

In this series of Facebook Lives, Colleen Cruz joins experts in various areas of education to talk about the common mistakes we make and how to learn from them, instead of fear them. 


In this first Facebook live, Colleen speaks with Arlène Casimir about mistakes we make around trauma and ways to avoid them or fix them.



UP NEXT tune in on December 1st at 8PM EST for a conversation with special guest Sonja Cherry-Paul about race, racism, and intent versus impact. Sign up information through this link from our Facebook page!



Learn more about Colleen and her latest book Risk. Fail. Rise. at Heinemann.com

colleencruz-218x300-5In addition to being the author of The Unstoppable Writing TeacherM. Colleen Cruz is the author of several other titles for teachers, including Independent Writing and A Quick Guide to Helping Struggling Writers, as well as the author of the young adult novel Border Crossing, a Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children's Book Award Finalist. Colleen was a classroom teacher in general education and inclusive settings before joining the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project where she is Director of Innovation. Colleen presently supports schools, teachers and their students nationally and internationally as a literacy consultant.

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