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Dedicated to Teachers

Learn with Cornelius Minor Online This Fall!


"I think about learning outcomes all the time, so best-case scenario, people take this course and they change their classrooms. People take this course and they change their grade teams, they change their departments, they change their schools.

Best-case scenario is people take this course and they leave with the power to create stronger, more equitable realities for all children."   —Cornelius Minor

If you are looking for dedicated time to put your values into action, you'll find it in this NEW PD experience with Cornelius Minor.

Get details and register!

This author-guided, on-demand course gives you a chance to learn flexibly AND spend real time with Cornelius Minor as you set goals, face challenges, and make changes that benefit kids. Sessions alternate as asynchronous and live, allowing you to work within your schedule to maintain momentum for learning, and leave with power to engage in change. This exciting learning opportunity will become available for enrollment in early September.


*Session 1: Hardship Has Revealed Who We Really Are

Session 2: Moving from Concern or Outrage to Action (10/21/21)

*Session 3: Values in Action

Session 4: Change Work Ain't Glamorous (11/4/21)

*Session 5: There is No Finish Line

Session 6: Reflection and Growing Your Influence (12/2/21)

Informal Q&A Kickoff: Thursday, October 7, 2021 from 6-6:30 PM ET

* = asynchronous: complete on your time before next live session

Live sessions with Cornelius are 6:00-7:30 PM ET


Take a moment to listen to an invitation to the course from Cornelius Minor.




Get details and register!


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