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Come to Summer 2018 Writing Camp with Jennifer Serravallo


Editor's Note: The below blog post was originally published in 2018. Get the latest from  Jennifer Serravallo with her new book, The Reading Strategies Book 2.0! Learn more about the new edition:


You’re invited to summer camp with New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Serravallo! No need to sew your name into your clothing, just pack your pens and pencils and meet us in The Reading and Writing Strategies Community Facebook group. Plus, it's FREE!

Not a member of The Reading and Writing Strategies Facebook group yet? Click below to join the community:

Join the Reading and Writing Strategies Book Community here!

Each week from June 25th- July 27th 2018, Jen will lead your writing with strategies centered around a specific goal and genre. During the camp, Jen will guide you through each step in the process from generating ideas to editing and finally celebrating your writing! Join in for just one week, or stay for the whole summer—it’s up to you.

Each day of camp, Monday through Friday, will begin with a 5 minute mini-lesson from Jen herself, followed by suggested writing time of 10 minutes. After that there will be time to share your reflections with Jen and the other teachers in the group. Spend as little as 10 minutes a day writing or as much time as you’d like! Join from the poolside, beach chair, backyard. And if you can't make a session, fret not! All sessions will be posted in the group for you to go back to any time you'd like, so if you miss one you can always catch up.


Here is each week of camp broken down by genre:

June 25-29 2018: Fictional Narrative

July 2-6 2018: Poetry

July 09-13 2018: Article/Blog Post

July 16-20 2018: Persuasive Letter

July 23-27 2018: Open Genre/Reading Like a Writer


This is a great chance to spend some time on your own writing along side your fellow educators, and to experience The Writing Strategies from the perspective of the student!

If you’re in need of a copy of The Writing Strategies Book, you can pick it up here:

Get Your Copy of The Writing Strategies Book


See you at camp!

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Jennifer Serravallo is the author of The New York Times Bestseller The Reading Strategies Book, and a dozen other popular professional books and resources that help teachers make goal-directed responsive strategy instruction, conferring, and small group work doable in every classroom. Along with The Reading Strategies Book 2.0, her newest titles include Teaching Writing in Small Groups, A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences, and Understanding Texts and Readers. Serravallo began her career in education as a classroom teacher in the New York City public schools.

She has spent the last 15+ years helping teachers across the country create literacy classrooms where students are joyfully engaged and the instruction is meaningfully individualized to students' goals. Serravallo is also a member of Parents Magazine Board of Advisors for education and literacy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Vassar College and a Master of Arts from Teachers College, where she has also taught graduate and undergraduate classes.

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Date Published: 06/19/18

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