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Summer Writing Camp Week Three Wrap-Up

WSB_Blog_Photo-3Jennifer Serravallo's online Summer Writing Camp for teachers is moving right along as week three comes to a close. This week focused on informational writing, and featured another special surprise guest!



There are lots of ways to gather ideas for informational writing! Jen started off with a strategy to help writers break a larger topic down into smaller, manageable pieces.

Watch Monday's video here!


Knowing your audience; it's one of the most important components to consider when planning an informational piece of writing. Jen offers a strategy on identifying your readers so they can be reached through writing.

Watch Tuesday's video here!


Depending on what you are writing about, you want to structure and organize your writing to suit that topic. Jen goes through some examples of well-organized writing, and strategies for outlining.

Watch Wednesday's video here!


Today was drafting day! Jen walked participants through gathering their ideas and outlines, and putting words down on paper.

Watch Thursday's video here!


 Jen brought on special guest Colleen Cruz for today's video! Colleen led writers through strategies for wrapping up and pulling together all the components of an informational piece of writing.

Watch Friday's video here!

Check out Colleen's most recent book from Heinemann, The Unstoppable Writing Teacher. Follow her on Twitter @colleen_cruz for updates on her current work .


If you haven't joined the Reading and Writing Strategies Book Community on Facebook yet, join now to participate in the writing camp and get daily notifications when Jen posts a writing strategy!


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