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Dedicated to Teachers


Planning for Meaningful Work Time

We call it 'workshop' for a reason; the learning time is about the work children do. Children need to make connections from one day's learning to the next; it's the story of their meaningful work and the how, what, and why of their learning.  (continue reading)

What If Teaching Focused on Children's Agency?

What happens if we under scaffold a child and he’s not successful? We work with the child to fix it. Everyone—every child in our readers’ workshop, every teacher, every adult, every human—fails and is disengaged at some point.  (continue reading)

Planning for Choice and Possibility

When we plan for work time, we ask: What will children do to get smarter tomorrow? What will they read, write, and talk about? What will they read that’s worthy of what we’re asking them to do?  (continue reading)

Taking Ownership of Our Teaching

Taking ownership of our teaching and children’s learning changes everything. We own it when things go well, and we own it when they don’t.  (continue reading)

What If Our Classroom Environment and Routines Offered Choice?

Choice within routines and environment is essential for instilling agency. Without choice, children are blindly following our rules and expectations.  (continue reading)

What's the Best That Could Happen? Read Aloud Podcast with Debbie Miller

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, 'what’s the best that could happen?' By turning that old phrase on its head, author Debbie Miller says she’s asked herself a more beautiful question.  (continue reading)

Finding New Possibilities for Teachers and Readers

In What’s the Best That Could Happen?, Debbie Miller confronts a challenge all teachers face: the feeling of being stuck and the fear of trying something new. She explores how questions help us look beyond the limitations of what we’ve done and discover powerful new opportunities for teaching.  (continue reading)

Debbie Miller asks "What's the Best That Could Happen?"

This week on the podcast we’re wondering, what’s the best that could happen? In her newest book; “What’s the Best That Could happen?” Debbie encourages us to tune into that “thing” that doesn’t feel right and then investigate it and see what kind of questions it leads us to.  (continue reading)

Debbie Miller on Asking Questions for New Possibilities in Teaching

What if we joined the ranks of the change makers and committed the time and effort it would take to change the narrative about how schools work? Could teachers be the ones to begin real conversations with each other and those in power?  (continue reading)

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