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Dedicated to Teachers

Fostering Student-Led Inquiry and Research

As we help students become independent learners, we want them to understand that independent doesn't have to mean completely alone. We nurture the growth of independence by providing instruction that supports learners.  (continue reading)
Steph George Jun 14, 2018 10:09:26 AM

Helping Your Students Who Struggle to Determine What Information is Really Important in a Text

Have you ever conferred with students who struggle to determine what information is really important? A clearly stated purpose for reading multiple sources can make the difference between productive and unproductive reading and thinking for many students. Here's what that might look like...  (continue reading)
Lauren Audet Mar 29, 2018 10:11:22 AM

What Does Effective Use of Multiple Sources Really Look Like?

The use of different formats helps authors shape the same information in different ways. As a result, diverse sets of sources promote critical thinking.  (continue reading)
Frances Lown Mar 22, 2018 8:03:00 AM

The Value of Reading from Multiple Sources

This is what we want for our students: the ability to look at multiple sources and triangulate meaning from a variety of perspectives.  (continue reading)
Frances Lown Mar 15, 2018 6:02:00 AM

Why Learn With Multiple Sources?

In this video, author Sunday Cummins explains how we want students to ask questions and then actively seek out answers by locating and reading or viewing multiple sources—articles, books, videos, photographs, infographics. Then, we want students to articulate what they've learned.  (continue reading)
Frances Lown Mar 7, 2018 9:15:00 AM

Nurturing Informed Thinking Podcast

Today on the Heinemann Podcast, Sunday Cummins, author of Nurturing Informed Thinking.  (continue reading)
Frances Lown Mar 1, 2018 12:01:00 PM

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