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Dedicated to Teachers


Start the Year with Exploration Book Tubs

Help students explore their own interests and find out more about themselves as readers with Exploration Book Tubs. Suggestions for what to include and follow-up guiding questions included.  (continue reading)

ON THE PODCAST: Cultivating Student Agency

What happens when students have the freedom to know themselves as learners, and lean into their agency?  (continue reading)

7 Ways to Get Readers Talking About Books

Learn how to get your K-5 readers talking about books from Debbie Miller and Emily Callahan, co-authors of I’m the Kind of Kid Who: Invitations That Support Learner Identity and Agency.  (continue reading)

What is an Invitation?

What concrete actions can we take to awaken, nurture, and develop learner identity and a sense of agency that already lives within students?  (continue reading)

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