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Dedicated to Teachers

Relational Vulnerability: Start by Listening

Relational vulnerability isn’t a once-and-done practice. We need to be deliberate about making time to listen and know our students.  (continue reading)

Quiet Wonderment

Witnessing a roomful of students typing or scribbling away, occasionally pausing to ponder a point or reconsider a sentence—this is teacher bliss. But how do we guide them to a place where they are writing for more than their teacher, for more than a grade?  (continue reading)

Teacher Vulnerability and Student Engagement: Striving for Authenticity in Middle School

Whether teacher vulnerability leads to an increase in student engagement is yet to be determined. However, an initial survey responses suggest students crave and appreciate authenticity.  (continue reading)

Vulnerability in Education: Three Acts

As I begin my journey as a Heinemann Fellow, I would like the following question to guide my action research: In what ways does teacher vulnerability impact student engagement and classroom community?  (continue reading)

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