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On the Podcast: Translanguaging in Poetry with Carla España and Luz Yadira Herrera

Translanguaging in Poetry 1Today on the podcast we’re joined by Carla España and Luz Yardia Herrera, co-authors of En Comunidad: Lessons for Centering the Voices and Experiences of Bilingual Latinx Students. If you haven’t heard their two previous episodes, we invite you to go back and listen to them now.

Download a sample chapter of En Comunidad

Heinemann colleague Jaclyn Karabinas joined Carla and Luz to talk about translanguaging with poetry in your curriculum. Poetry can be a great teacher, and in teaching, it is imperative to speak to the multiple experiences and languages in a class.

Their conversation started with describing how poetry sustains community… 

A full transcript will be available soon.  

Learn more about En Comunidad at Heinemann.com

Download a sample chapter of En Comunidad

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carlaespanaCarla España is an instructor at the Bank Street College Graduate School of Education. Carla’s teaching journey began in a bilingual classroom in Harlem, New York, continued at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project partner schools, and at the bilingual teacher preparation program at Hunter College, City University of New York. Finder Carla on Twitter: @ProfesoraEspana


Luz Yadira Herrera is an Assistant Professor at the Kremen School of Education and Human Development at California State University, Fresno. As a former teacher in NYC public schools and researcher at CUNY-NYSIEB, her teaching and research centers culturally and linguistically sustaining approaches to teaching emergent bilinguals, translanguaging pedagogy, and bilingual education policy. Find Luz on Twitter: @Dra_LuzYadira


Topics: National Poetry Month, Podcast, Heinemann Podcast, Poetry, Spanish, Carla España, En Comunidad, Luz Yadira Herrera, Bilingual

Date Published: 05/14/20

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