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On the Podcast: Professional Trajectories of Black Teachers of Math with Heinemann Fellow Marian Dingle and Dr. Toya Jones Frank

antoine-dautry-05A-kdOH6Hw-unsplashToday on the podcast, we're handing things over to Heinemann Fellow Marian Dingle. Marian is a fourth and fifth grade educator and is currently in her second year of the Heinemann Fellowship.

Marian's passions lie in diversity of mathematics curriculum, and in highlighting the work of mathematicians of color. In this episode, Marian is joined by Dr. Toya Jones Frank, assistant professor in the Mathematics Education Leadership and Secondary Education programs at George Mason University. They spoke about about the professional trajectories of black teachers of math, and the ongoing examination into their recruitment and retention. Here now is Marian…


A full transcript will be available soon!


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mariandingleMarian Dingle is a teacher who pushes for change through students, striving to educate through a social justice lens. Currently a Grade Level Chairperson, a 4th and 5th grade educator and an instructional mentor at Briar Vista Elementary School, she is most passionate about mathematics, seeking to diversify mathematics curriculum through highlighting the work of mathematicians of color. She has keynoted at Twitter Math Camp, serves on their board and is a contributing writer for the Global Math Department. She has also presented several sessions for the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Georgia Association of Gifted Children, and will present her action research at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Follow Marian on Twitter  @DingleTeach


Frank_2019Toya Jones Frank is an assistant professor in the Mathematics Education Leadership and Secondary Education programs at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.  Her research focuses on understanding how race impacts mathematics teacher education and enhancing advanced mathematics learning spaces for historically marginalized students.  Frank is the Principal Investigator of Examining the Trajectories of Black Mathematics Teachers, a mixed-methods project that explores racialized experiences of Black teachers of mathematics as well as the sociocultural and sociopolitical influences that impact their recruitment and retention. She is a collaborator with mathematicians, mathematics teachers, and teacher leaders in developing math circles for teachers of color that are affirming, supportive, and transformative spaces.  Frank is a former high school mathematics teacher and department chair educational consultant for clients including DC Public Schools and ACT, Inc.  She holds a doctorate in Mathematics Education from the University of Maryland, College Park in Mathematics Education.

Follow Dr. Frank on Twitter @ToyaJFrank

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