Patricia Vitale-Reilly: Choice in Process

Patricia Vitale-Reilly, author of Engaging Every Learner, wants to push back against the decreasing amount of choice she sees in classrooms today. Utilizing the lenses of content, process, and product, as defined by author and differentiation expert Carol Tomlinson, Patricia shares that choice in process allows students to find what really works for them in a given context.

Patty is in the midst of a leading a 3-part webinar series along with Lisa Eickholdt called Writing Workshop Essentials: Environment, Structures and Lessons. Join us in session!


 Patricia Vitale-Reilly (@pattyvreilly) is a national consultant, teacher, and author with 25 years of  experience in education. Early on it became clear that her passion was to collaborate with leaders in  education to develop and achieve engaging and relevant instructional practices. Patty taught in both  public and independent schools, as well as at the graduate level, in New York and New Jersey. Patty also  worked as staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Patty is an author of  Time for Kids teacher training materials and is a contributor to Write Time for Kids (TCM, 2000), co-  author of The Complete Year in Reading and Writing Grade 2 (Scholastic, 2008), and the author  of Engaging Every Learner: Classroom Principles, Strategies, and Tools (Heinemann, 2015).


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