How Do I Join Forces With Other Educators In An Online PLC?

“Re-vision PLCs as Professional LITERACY Communities – go beyond data to focus on increasing students' engagement and achievement through all teachers learning how to apply highly effective practices."—Regie Routman

You’ve seen the hashtag. So, what is the Heinemann PD #OnlinePLC all about?

Let’s start with the initial idea of the PLC, or Professional Learning Community. PLCs transitioned from a well-researched concept to a “rallying cry” with the publications from Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour and Robert Eaker. One of their three big ideas that guide the work of a PLC is this:

Educators cannot fulfill the fundamental purpose of learning for all if they work in isolation.

The growth of online communities in education for sharing, support, and professional development reveals a desire to pursue collaborative learning for the sake of transforming education. Educators are thirsty for the possibilities and powerful practice of professional learning communities because we know: Together we are a force greater than our individual parts.

Because of our digital access to both information and each other using social media and other platforms, we can move beyond the misconception that a PLC’s primary purpose is to review student data and make an action plan. Educators who seek and devour professional learning opportunities do so to take action that creates change, and by engaging in an inquiry process with fellow educators over shared content, this becomes an invigorating reality.

Opportunities are numerous, so how can you find them all? Start by following the Heinemann blog and signing up below to join our Online PLC. Our process is simple: share quality content and engage in inquiry and conversation in an online environment built to ignite and support positive change.

Besides following posts here on the blog, look out for these other free, online PLC opportunities!

This post is part of a series of professional development how-to articles.

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onlineplcfrontWondering where to connect online? Start by signing up below for Heinemann's Online PLC! Each week, we'll share content from the Heinemann Digital Library as food for thought and discussion. Our conversations can occur in comments here on the blog, on Twitter using #OnlinePLC or in our Facebook Group. Looking forward to sharing content, conversation and camaraderie!

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