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How Can I Use Facebook To Connect With Other Educators?

When you think of Facebook, what’s the first image to pop into your mind? Chances are you think of baby pictures, announcements from friends and family, and what your mom had for breakfast.

But, did you know there are number of pages and groups on Facebook dedicated to education? Whether rooted in a book, subject, or shared interest, Facebook provides many opportunities to connect and grow as an educator.

pages-feedLet’s start with understanding groups and pages. A Facebook page allows people and organizations to create a public presence online. Shared content is typically one-way, but you can comment on posts or updates on the page. When you “like” a page on Facebook, anything posted on that page will appear in your home feed. If you want updates only from the pages you have “liked,” click on the Pages Feed option on the left hand side of your screen. You can find pages by typing in a search term at the top of your Facebook screen. Examples of pages are:

groups-menuA Facebook group is different in that two-way communication is encouraged. Once you have joined a group, by invitation or by clicking “Join,” you can write posts, share content, “like” other posts and discuss in the comments with group members. This type of online environment promotes and encourages sharing and discussion, allowing you to grow your network as well as stretch your thinking. You can access your groups on the left hand side of your Facebook screen, but new posts will also show up in your feed. If you like to easily participate in your Groups on the go, there are smartphone apps that allow you to quickly access your groups without getting sucked in to your general news feed.

Some examples of groups are:

If you need a place to start, head on over to our the Heinemann Professional Learning Community Facebook Group and click “Join”. Each week, we share content from the Heinemann Digital Library as food for thought and discussion.

This post is part of a series of professional development how-to articles.

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Wondering where to connect online? Start by signing up below for Heinemann's Online PLC! Each week, we'll share content from the Heinemann Digital Library as food for thought and discussion. Our conversations can occur in comments here on the blog, on Twitter using #OnlinePLC or in our Facebook Group. Looking forward to sharing content, conversation and camaraderie!

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