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Online PLC: Making Reflection A Habit


During the month of May, we enter a phase of reflection. The end of the year brings challenges of antsy students but also the anticipation of both celebrating learning and envisioning a classroom of new ideas for next year.

Hold this question in your thinking as we share and converse around content this month: How can we use reflection to maintain momentum, positivity and progress in our learning communities?

As teachers we need to ask, “What are we doing to create space for students’ thinking?”

To personalize new learning and truly make connections, we need time to reflect. But not just as teachers—our students require this as well.

In his Digital Library article, available for download below, Colin Weaver challenges us to add daily reflection to our classroom practices. Reflection isn’t just for the end of a huge project or culmination of a unit, but rather about utilizing structured time and creating space to process information.

Creating this space for student thinking develops a habit that will serve them well beyond the classroom. After you read his article, consider the ways you can simply and seamlessly add reflection into daily lessons. Your students will benefit from this time that allows for making personal connections and constructing meaning.


Colin Weaver is a literacy consultant and coach currently working as a middle school teacher at Hong Kong International School. Since 2006, he has been training teachers from China, Australia, South Sudan, and Thailand to nurture thinking skills in their learners. You can check out more of his ideas on his blog or follow him on Twitter @ThoughtfulLit.

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Topics: Education, PLC Series, Colin Weaver, Digital Campus, Professional Development

Date Published: 05/30/16

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