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Dedicated to Teachers

Final Virtual PD Options for 2021


If you're hoping to attend some virtual PD this year to lift your practice—and your spirits—we have many options for you! However, we know that decision fatigue is real and too many choices can be overwhelming.

Below are the remaining webinar series, mini-, half-, and full-day workshops of 2021, grouped by theme, to help you find exactly what you need. And of course, we have more in store for 2022!


Reading and Writing Workshop



Stephanie Affinito presents:

Reclaiming Our Literate Lives: Purpose, Possibilities and Practices


6-7:30pm ET



Hannah Schneewind & Jennifer Scoggin present:

Trusting Readers: Connecting Identity, Instruction, and Independent Reading


6-7:30pm ET



Integration of Math, Art, and Technology with Literacy

Tanny McGregor presents:

Thinking with Sketchnotes: Untangling Ideas, Releasing Creativity, and Deepening Comprehension


6-7:30pm ET


Sue O'Connell presents:

Math + Children’s Literature: Building Math Understanding through Stories (Grades 3-5)


11:30-2:30pm ET



Social Justice and Literacy

Christie Nold presents:

Confronting Whiteness in Education and Ourselves


6-7:30pm ET


Kristi Mraz presents:

Inquiry and Play as an Everyday Act


11am-12:30pm ET


Jessica Lifshitz presents:

Tools and Processes to Create More Critical Readers


11:30-2:30pm ET



Aeriale Johnson presents:

Centering Love and Freedom in the K-3 Literacy Classroom: A Deep Dive Into Pedagogy and Practice


10am-1:00pm ET




Middle and High School


Kelly Gallagher & Penny Kittle present:

Teaching the Essay as an Art Form

12/2, 12/9, 12/16/2021

5:45-7pm ET



Questions? You can email us at workshops@heinemann.com, send us at DM on Twitter @HeinemannPD or through our Heinemann Publishing Facebook page.

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