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Dedicated to Teachers

63rd New England Book Show Winners!

63rd NEW ENGLAND BOOK SHOW WINNERSFor over forty years Heinemann has been a publisher of professional resources and a provider of educational services for teachers, kindergarten through college. We strive to give voice to those who share our respect for the professionalism and compassion of teachers and who support teachers’ efforts to help children become literate, empathetic, knowledgeable citizens.

Our authors are exemplary educators eager to support the practice of other teachers through books, videos, workshops, online courses, and most recently through explicit teaching materials. Our commitment to our work and customers’ enthusiastic response to our offerings has made us the leading publisher in this area.

Three Heinemann publications were selected as winners in the 63rd New England Book Show and we couldn't be more proud. Congratulations to the authors, designers, illustrators, and coordinators for their outstanding work. 

The New England Book Show is an opportunity to gather and recognize the outstanding work done by New England publishers, printers, graphic designers, and developers.

It is a juried event that features a number of categories, including trade, juvenile, college and more, for work in both print and digital media. Finalists are selected for their design and production, and are displayed at a festive dinner where attendees receive a handsome, student-designed catalog

Professional, Non-Illustrated 

Elevating Equity and Justice: Ten U.S. Supreme Court Cases Every Teacher Should Know by Robert Kim
NEBS Elevating Equity

Designer's Comments:
The cover of Elevating Equity and Justice evokes both the messy and hands-on history of social justice reform, and today's political climate, with the graffiti-like treatment of typography and imagery. The textures from the cover are carried into the interior design, and highlight the many features and elements in the book, helping to enhance the accessibility of each court case and its repercussions. 

Judge's Comments:
Strong hierarchy in interior design makes the content easy to navigate. A variety of color design elements create a cohesive experience. 

To learn more about this title and the author visit Heinemann.com.  
Learn More About Elevating Equity and Justice

Professional, Illustrated

Strategic Classroom Design: Creating an Environment for Flexible Learning by Jessica Martin

NEBS Strategic Classroom DesignDesigner's Comments:
A guide for teachers on how to create inclusive learning environments by co-designing with students, this book's interior design proved challenging due to its sheer number of photos and visual aids. Once the art was organized into logical groupings or "interludes," the design started to take shape. Soothing, organic colors and simple typography calm and unify the complex interior into a cohesive, elegant package. While echoing the natural colors of the palette, the textural page-edge treatments organize the book into accessible sections. Classroom props from the cover are carried into the interior design, adding variety to the page layout. 

Judge's Comments:
The typography feels energetic in a subject-appropriate way while still being professional. The book is well printed in the register and the decision to use colored endpapers to organize chapters was a good on. The photography is soft and soothing, and the objects photographed on top of illustrations are visually fresh. The design is playful throughout, and the typography and use of space visually emphasizes the overall thesis: that space matters. 

To learn more about this title and the author visit Heinemann.com
Learn More About Strategic Classroom Design

Professional, Illustrated

Breathing New Life into Book Clubs: A Practical Guide for Teachers by Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen
NEBS Breathing New Life into Book ClubsDesigner's Comments:
The authors envisioned the cover as a joyful, positive, vibrant representation of the reading process. Something that would energize teachers as they revived the spirit of student book clubs. (Where kids are given the autonomy to choose their own books.) This energy was transformed into a colorful, rolling, cover graphic spilling from the pages of a book. The illustration was also carried throughout the interior adding bursts of movement and energy to the design. A thoughtful color palette was also used to define the six book chapters, making them easy to locate within the text. 

Judge's Comments:
The book displays a nice use of color on the cover. The color coordination uses a cohesive palette to designate chapters and pennant graphics for important sections. Even the workbook pages at the back of the book are handy, clear, and accessible. 


To learn more about this title and the author visit Heinemann.com

Learn More About Breathing New Life into Book Clubs


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Date Published: 08/10/20

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