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Where and How to Listen to The Heinemann Podcast

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 6.09.15 PMWe launched the Heinemann Podcast in 2015 to bring you all the latest thinking from Heinemann authors and other leaders in the field of education in a commute-length, conversation format. More and more every day, podcasts are a way that people get their news, information, and entertainment on the go. As podcasts increasingly become part of our daily lives, we’ve received many questions from our community wondering where and how to listen to The Heinemann Podcast, the best places to listen, and how to subscribe to our podcast. Below you’ll find a detailed description of many of the most popular places to find the Heinemann podcast and how to start listening today.

Listen on your iPhone or iPad:

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts on the go either on a walk, running errands, or on their daily commute. Watch the video below to see, step-by-step, how to listen and subscribe to the Heinemann blog on your iPhone or iPad.










Listen on Stitcher or Spotify:

Other popular listening apps include Spotify and Stitcher. To listen to the Heinemann Podcasts through these apps you’ll want to download them from the App store on your device. If you have an Android phone, you’ll download the app from the Play Store. Once the app is downloaded it will behave similarly to the Apple Podcast app as seen in the video above.

icons of Ios App store, Google Play Store, Stitcher App, and Spotify App

how to search in stitcher showing stitcher interface and Heinemann podcast logo

Listen on the Heinemann Blog: 

As always, you can listen to the podcasts directly through our blog. Navigate to The Heinemann Blog (blog.heinemann.com). When you click on Podcasts button in the top right, all the blogs that contain podcasts will show on the blog homepage. Once you click to open a blog post, you will see a player like the one below. Now all you have to do is click play. Try it out below!

Share the Love! 

If you have a moment, we'd appreciate if you'd subscribe and leave us a rating on iTunes or wherever you listen. And spread the word! Do you know another educator who would enjoy any or all of the episodes? You can share the love on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you talk to your friends and colleagues.


If you have any questions about how and where to listen to The Heienmann Podcast, please feel free to ask us in the comments here, email us at socialmedia@heinemann.com, or Tweet us @HeinemannPub. 

As always, thanks for listening!



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