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Podcast: How Routines Help Teachers Make Shifts To Let Students Think and Reason Mathematically

Teaching students to think and reason mathematically is sometimes a challenge. This is where instructional routines come in.  (continue reading)

4 Ways Mathematical Routines Support Students with Learning Disabilities

Using routines give students with learning disabilities precisely the support they need in four key ways. Here’s how it works...  (continue reading)

On the Podcast: Building Routines for Reasoning with Amy Lucenta and Grace Kelemanik

Today on the podcast we’re joined by Amy Lucenta and Grace Kelemanik. Amy and Grace are co-authors of Routines for Reasoning: Fostering the Mathematical Practices in All Students.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Mathematicians are Communicators

This month we look at ways to infuse concepts of community in the math classroom to support confidence and participation.  (continue reading)

How Can Instructional Routines Support Teaching and Learning?

In this video, you’ll see Boston Teacher Residency alumni using instructional routines in their planning and teaching.  (continue reading)

How the Boston Teacher Residency is Changing the Way We Teach Math 

The Boston Teacher Residency helps to meet the needs of children and families by preparing a diverse group of teachers in high need areas like math, science, and special education.  (continue reading)

Help Students See Themselves as Mathematicians

Help Students See Themselves as Mathematicians  (continue reading)

Instructional routines can support ALL students

Instructional routines can support ALL students  (continue reading)

The Effectiveness of Instructional Routines

The Effectiveness of Instructional Routines  (continue reading)

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