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Dedicated to Teachers


You a Mathematician or Nah? Solidifying Black Boy Brilliance Through Culturally Responsive Mathematics Instruction

Ways to change mathematical instruction to allow for Black boy brilliance to soar.  (continue reading)

PLC Series: Embedding Inquiry and Awareness into Our Professional Practice

In what ways can we embed the awareness of what we do not know, due to our lived experiences, as part of ongoing professional inquiry into best practices in schools?  (continue reading)

I Respect You: Embracing the Humanity of Black Students

Sharing about myself outside our classroom, apologizing, and problem-solving with them are key parts of the joy and humanity ever present in Room 112.  (continue reading)

Dear Janelle: A Letter To An Overwhelmed Teacher

Heinemann Fellow Janelle W. Henderson shares a reflective letter.  (continue reading)

Will the REAL Data Please Stand Up?

What would happen if you took notes for five minutes as your students were working? What would you see? What would you hear?  (continue reading)

How Curious George Showed Me I Wasn't Meeting the Needs of My Black Boys

Janelle Henderson invites us to reflect on serving the needs of the boys of color in classrooms.  (continue reading)

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