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Dedicated to Teachers


How Digital Storytelling Can Help Build Essential Human Skills

For students to imagine and then drive toward their possible selves in a culture of omnipresent change, they need this toolkit of human skills.  (continue reading)

Expanding Literacy Through Digital Storytelling

How can storytelling re-enter the classroom to compliment the critical literacy students are already building on?  (continue reading)

Get Started with Digital Storytelling: Try this Activity!

Dive into Digital Storytelling with this activity that shows students how to create sound effects.  (continue reading)

Get to Know New Heinemann Authors

Learn more about NEW Heinemann authors and their new book releases on the blog.   (continue reading)

What is Digital Storytelling?

Are we preparing our kids to be meaningful contributors to this digitally literate universe? A blog post from Brett Pierce, author of Expanding Literacy.  (continue reading)

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