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The Heart of STEM Learning

vasquez_stemessentials_emailbannerSTEM has become a bit of a buzzword, but the heart behind STEM learning remains critically important.

In this video, Michael Comer, coauthor of the bestselling STEM Lesson Essentials, talks about STEM and what he’s sees as some of its critical goals—for example, applying information and learning in new and flexible ways.







vasquez_essentials_coverSTEM Lesson Essentials has become a touchstone text for educators who want to better understand STEM and how it complements, informs, and enhances teaching and learning. Click here to access a sample chapter from STEM Lesson Essentials.

Coming in 2017: STEM Lesson Guideposts, the companion to STEM Lesson Essentials, will unpack the "how" of STEM learning, providing teachers and leaders a practical roadmap for designing meaningful, applicable STEM lessons and units.


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