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Dedicated to Teachers

Reclaim Your Literate Life with Stephanie Affinito


"I invite you to honor and indulge your own reading and writing life, to outgrow yourself as a reader and writer, and to imagine new possibilities for your literate life and the literate community in your classroom." —Stephanie Affinito

When is the last time you blocked off time on your calendar for YOU? In a changing world full of uncertainty and busyness, we might struggle to make our own reading and writing a priority.

Carefully tending to our own habits and mindsets as readers and writers not only brings a sense of intentional well-being to our own literate lives, it sparks attention to how we are leading the way for our students to do the same.

Getting started with new habits and routines is the hardest part, so we invite you to join Stephanie Affinito for her 90-minute mini-workshop "Reclaiming Our Literate Lives: Purpose, Possibilities, and Practices".

Get details for Stephanie's Nov. 30th mini-workshop

This dedicated time is for YOU to:

  • Learn why a strong reading and writing life is essential to your health and well-being
  • Examine a framework for tending to your literate identity over time
  • Use a decision tree to chart a renewed course for your own literate life
  • Pinpoint a sequence of tripwires designed to sustain your literate journey

All of our 2021 virtual workshops come with 60-day recording access in case you want to review the session or take advantage of this time for yourself on your own schedule. Questions? Email us at workshops@heinemann.comDM us on Twitter @HeinemannPD, or send us a message on our Facebook Page.

Get details for Stephanie's Nov. 30th mini-workshop


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