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A Great Summer School Fit: Math in Practice


Summer school teachers often struggle to find just the right tools to address students’ distinct and sometimes challenging needs. They also often have limited time to prepare lessons and deliver instruction.

The authors of Math in Practice are all master teachers and math coaches, most of whom are still in classrooms every day. They designed every component of Math in Practice to be flexible and helpful, keeping the varying needs of teachers and students in mind—and making it a perfect resource to support a summer school program.

Listen to Marcy Myers and Laura Hunovice, two of the coauthors, talk about how Math in Practice gives any teacher a place to start—along with lots of coaching, lesson ideas, and downloadable resources to support instruction:



Because Math in Practice is a standards-based resource, it can be tailored to fit the needs of any summer school program—the modules in each grade-level book don’t need to be used in order.

Will you have students that need a reintroduction to fractions? Look at grade 3, module 8: “Understanding Fractions and Fraction Notation”

Are there students you expect to need more practice with decimals? Consider grade 5, module 6: “Multiplying and Dividing Decimals”

No matter what skill or concept you’re aiming to address during your summer school program, you’ll find a corresponding Math in Practice module to support your work.

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Looking for an opportunity to grow you PLC network? Visit the Math in Practice Facebook group to connect with other elementary teachers and many of the Math in Practice authors.

MIP_8BooksMath in Practice was developed and classroom-tested by lead author Sue O'Connell, along with John SanGiovanni, Marcy Myers, Laura Hunovice, Allison Peet, Cheryl Akers, Kay Sammons, and Joan Tellish.

Interested in learning more about Math in Practice? Visit to find sample modules, crosswalks with popular math programs, video clips, and more.

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Date Published: 03/16/17

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