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Matific's Adaptive Learning Engine: A Personalized Path for Every Student

Matific's Adaptive Learning Engine: A Personalized Path for Every StudentPrioritizing personalized learning experiences, Matific’s adaptive technology creates individualized learning pathways for each student through the thousands of standards-based math activities. 

The Need for Adaptive Learning

Basic education technology, especially in math, often involves automatic test scoring. This established technology assists with standardized testing but doesn't personalize the learning experience.

Adaptive learning goes beyond automatic grading. It analyzes student data and tailors the learning experience in real time, aiming to optimize results. This is particularly appealing to teachers who strive to personalize instruction but lack the time for individual attention.

Matific's Adaptive Engine

Matific's engine aims to identify a student's zone of proximal development (ZPD) and provide activities that fit that zone. As students learn, the ZPD adjusts, creating a dynamic learning path.

Matific's extensive skill database is mapped with these skills' prerequisite relationships. This "knowledge map" allows the engine to target specific areas based on student progress.

How the Adaptive Engine Works

The engine personalizes the learning path based on student performance. Here's a simplified example:

  • A student masters "fraction addition with like denominators" using concrete representations.
  • The engine identifies related skills the student is ready to learn:
    • Using concrete representations for fractions with unlike denominators
    • Strategic thinking for adding fractions with like denominators
  • The student encounters activities focused on these related skills.
  • Upon mastering these skills, the student progresses to activities involving unlike denominators.

Addressing Learning Gaps

For struggling students, the engine identifies prerequisite skills and provides activities to build a strong foundation before progressing further.

Matific's Learning Approach

Matific's activities are designed for a safe and engaging learning environment that prioritizes building student confidence. The platform incorporates "spiral learning," revisiting previously encountered concepts to solidify understanding.

The Future of Adaptive Learning

The future of educational technology likely involves widespread use of adaptive learning. Key challenges include:

  • Ensuring adaptation prioritizes student learning over other factors 
  • Seamlessly Integrating adaptive technologies while empowering teachers

The goal is to be a valuable teacher's aide, automating routine tasks while providing teachers with valuable student data.

See Why Matific is Terrific!

Proving thousands of activities based on standards-based mathematical concepts, Matific is aligned to NWEA MAP Growth and district curriculums. Matific also maps to other math programs, including Heinemann’s Do The Math intervention and Math Expressions core curriculum.  

Explore Matific’s award-winning pedagogy and educational technology.  Visit Heinemann.com/matific and try Matific for FREE! 

This blog was adapted from “How Matific Uses Adaptive Technology to Help Students and Teachers Succeed” by Andrew Crisp.

Topics: Mathematics, Math, Small Group Instruction, Do The Math, Math@Heinemann, Teaching Math, Personalized learning paths, Inquiry-based learning, Matific, game-based learning, Educational technology, interactive instruction

Date Published: 04/19/24

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