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Dedicated to Teachers

Your Pre-Publication Glimpse into The First Two Classroom Essentials Series Books


With fresh and engaging content, books in the Classroom Essentials series bring the transformative power of foundational ideas and student-centered practices to today’s busy teachers.

Each book in the series highlights one essential, student-centered practice, giving you the information you need to get started trying it––or refining it––in your own classroom. We're excited to announce that pre-publication sample chapters are now available for the first two books in the Classroom Essential Series, A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences by Carl Anderson and A Teacher’s Guide to Getting Started with Beginning Readers by Katie Wood Ray with Lisa Cleaveland. 


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In A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, Carl Anderson provides step-by-step guidance for getting up and running with writing conferences, and shares his latest thinking on how to make the most of your conferring time. Are you looking to find answers to these questions in your own classroom?

  • How can I get started with conferring, or improve my conferences?
  • How can I fit writing conferences into my busy schedule?
  • How can conferences help me meet the diverse needs of student writers?
Download a sample chapter from A Teacher's Guide to Writing Conferences

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 12.01.06 PMIn A Teacher’s Guide to Getting Started with Beginning Readers, Katie Wood Ray shows you how to set up a daily practice to help even your youngest students learn to write—by making books! Do you find yourself wondering any of these questions about the beginnig writers in your classroom?

  • How can I establish a routine for writing in my classroom?
  • Why is making books developmentally appropriate?
  • How can I help my youngest students become writers?

Download a sample of A Teacher's Guide to Getting Started With Beginning Writers

You can learn more about The Classroom Essentials Series at Heinemann.com/ClassroomEssentials

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Date Published: 07/31/18

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