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Grant Assistance: Association of American Educators & Teachers Count

The Heinemann Resource Support Team is here to help educators who are looking to purchase Heinemann Curricular or Intervention Resources but do not have the funding available to do so. Our new Grant Assistance portal provides the support you need to apply for grants. Click here to visit. This post looks at the Association of American Educators, and TeachersCount.

The Association of American Educators


The Association of American Educators (AAE) is the non-union professional educator’s organization, established in 1994 by nationally recognized educators who saw the need for a professional organization that focused on student achievement without an emphasis on partisan politics.

Classroom grants are competitive awards available to all educators. Apply online or by mail to receive up to $500 for professional development or classroom materials. Application deadlines: October 1 and March 1.

Apply here.


Teachers Count


TeachersCount is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the status of the teaching profession and provide resources to the education community. Using a national ad campaign and related initiatives, TeachersCount is working to create a permanent culture of teacher appreciation in the United States. 

TeachersCount provides resources to the education community, primarily via their website: Lesson plans, information about professional development, teacher appreciation ideas, education news, and supply programs.

Visit the TeachersCount web site to view grant listings.


Pamela Foley is a Resource Support Representative at Heinemann. She has eleven years of publishing industry experience. Pamela is pleased to work with our customers in the upper Midwest out to the Pacific Northwest.

Email Pamela.

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Date Published: 09/01/15

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